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About Us

About IRM

Our information age offers new challenges to the efficient maintenance of records. Managers are being asked to evaluate emerging technologies and balance them against traditional methods. An approach that minimizes risk while maximizing productivity can be found at a point between the latest innovations and proven techniques.

Finding that point today, and moving it into the future, is what Indiana Records Managers does best. Your IRM consultant represents a company with over 30 years of focused dedication that has earned its title: The Filing Systems People.

When you consider alternate ways of managing information, remember that the ideas on these pages are not the whole story. We begin by reviewing your system, listening to your objectives, and developing a proposal to meet them. We will plan and implement the complete conversion of your records into a new system, keeping all the information available at all times.

We will train your personnel in sorting, filing and retrieval methods as well as file creation and charge out procedures. After the new system is in use, we will re-survey to be sure everything is working smoothly.

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