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Color Coding Options

Alphabetic Filing System

This is the oldest method of filing and is still used extensively today. Alphabetic letters work with colors to control the name of the file. Colors are assigned to letters to form unique color blocks for easy site location. The first three letters of the subject name are color coded for identification. This provides a good distribution of records and backshifting is kept to a minimum. Ideal for filing systems where no other means of file identification has been established.

Numerical Filing System

This is a method of filing where consecutively numbered folders are placed in the file in sequential order. Blocks of numbers can easily be located and the only requirement for working in this system is an ability to count. However, the system does not provide good file distribution. Usually the most recent numbers assigned to the file generate the greatest amount of activity. This means that file room personnel tend to be bunched into the same area. When older records are retired and new ones added, a good deal of backshifting of records may be required.

Terminal Digit Filing

Terminal digit is a means of filing consecutively numbered folders in a different sequence. The file number is divided into groups of two digits called primary, secondary, and tertiary terminals. For example, take the file number 607458. The number is broken into groups of two-60-74-58-with the group 58 becoming the primary terminal, 74 the secondary terminal, and 60 the tertiary terminal. This method comes closest to a perfect distribution of records. Two consecutively numbered folders would be located in different sections in the system. Responsibilities can be assigned to personnel by terminals thus eliminating traffic jams. Little backshifting is required when blocks of numbers are retired as they are evenly distributed throughout the system. The same exists for new numbers assigned. It is also easier to recall a number broken into groups rather than remembering a straight six-digit number.

On-Demand Computerized Labels

Make labels right in your office for the daily additions to your filing system. Our TABQUIK system turns a desktop color printer into a powerful label-making device, matching the labels we produce in our factory.

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