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TABQUIK 5.0 Suite

Get color-coded labels on demand.

Create, route and file your documents immediately. TABQUIK 5.0 Suite of software provides you the power to produce color-coded labels using a standard Microsoft PC. Choose from standard designs or have a TAB professional custom design a label to meet your specific requirements.

Create as many strip labels as you need, print them on a TAB recommended color printer, and affix them to a TAB folder for immediate use. Additionally, TABQUIK 5.0 Suite provides you with the ability to import data from other systems and applications, allowing you to print large runs of labels to suit your specific filing needs.


FileTracker 6.0

Track the location of your files quickly and precisely.

What would it mean to your organization if you could know where your files are, where they have been, and where they need to be in the future? With FileTracker, you can maximize efficiency, improve customer service responsiveness, increase the speed of business transactions and reduce the threat of litigation. This Windows-based software application allows you to track the location of your files throughout their entire life cycles.


FileTracker Features

  • Tracks the location of any file, any time, anywhere
  • With nested tracking, you can track documents to files, files to boxes, boxes to locations
  • Scalable for your custom requirements
  • Supports standard keyboard connect and multiple portable bar code scanners
  • Generates presentation quality reports and usage statistics
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