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Mobile Storage

The Ultimate in Efficiency

Mobile storage is a flexible, high-density storage solution that allows you to get more files in less space and create aisles only when and where you need them. TAB offers a wide range of mobile storage solutions, from the high-performance electrical models, to the mechanical-assist systems, to the simple and economical manual systems.

With mobile storage, you can:

  • Double storage capacity while using less space
  • Speed up access to files and other stored materials
  • Reduce security risk
  • Increase safety through built-in safety features that comply with occupation and health regulations
  • Minimize or eliminate off-site storage
  • Store any material including files, supplies, electronic media and reference materials
  • Select colors and textures from a complete spectrum of design possibilities


High-Quality Efficient Storage

Make your TAB cabinets even more space efficient with TAB's SIDE-TRAC

  • Cabinets are arranged in two compact rows
  • Front cabinets glide from side to side, creating access to cabinets in back
  • Simple, inexpensive installation
  • Unmatched leveling capabilities
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to relocate
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